Market of Brands

Where Shop and Brand meet

What´s in it for our Brand?

  • Meet up and present your Brand for Shops.
  • Always the best presentation of collections and styles through, Video, 3D, Pictures and text information.
  • Serve existing Customers or enter markets where the Brand is not represented yet.
  • Connect with new Customers – They apply for a connection when they are interested and if you accept (based on their Shop presentation and profile) the shop will be able to see and order from your collection.
  • Get orders from connected shops.
  • Save costs on transport, sales samples, commissions, showrooms and fairs.
  • Save time and have a faster sale of a collection.
  • Reduce your Brands environmental impact.
  • The First year it will be completely free to join and receive orders – After that there will be a fee of 0.75% on all accepted orders.
  • Free support.