Market of Brands

Where Shop and Brand meet

What´s in it for our Brand?

  • Fashion Fair that never sleeps. Display your Brand on a fair that is always open.
  • Presentation of collections and styles through Pictures, Video, 3D and text.
  • Reach new Customers on markets where your Brand is not represented yet
  • Get new Customers on already existing markets.
  • Receive Pre and stock orders from connected Customers.
  • Reduce time and cost on receiving orders.
  • Get a first class B2B shop with a built-in Fashion Fair and Customer Connecter.
  • Easy import of style info, stock qty, pictures and videos.
  • Easy import of Customer lists and send out invitations.
  • 1st year it is free – After that there will be a 0.75% fee on all accepted orders.
  • You can always discontinue with no cost!
  • Free support.